Skate-Home is a company founded by the union of two passions: skateboarding and interior design.

The family

Skate-Home was born from the marriage between Skateboarder Manuel Llorens and decorator Maria Tamarit.

"The idea came to decorate the room of our children with the intent to convey our passion for skateboarding through decoration. They're the ones who give us inspiration for our designs."


The skate-home furniture is handmade by skilled artisans making each product from start to finish using traditional methods to achieve a durable and sturdy.

For wooden furniture structure is performed first and then prepare for varnished or lacquered finish.

In metal furniture is made of steel structure and prepare for subsequent coating and assembly of seat and backrest made upholstered skateboards with the best materials and the most expert hands.

The mix between traditional methods of craftsmanship and technology, creates a genuine product that conveys the soul of skateboarding smarter.



Skateboarding is not only a sport but also a way of life, a passion.
With our brand we want to give the possibility to decorate a home, office or shop with furniture that has a soul, that reflects the lifestyle and passion that one person has for skateboard.

The union of design with the world of skateboarding gives very personal pieces of furniture.

Our products receive the names of the tricks that are done in this sport (nollie flip, pivot grind, backflip, etc)

"Skate-home creates a unique and personal home to reflect your lifestyle and passion."